Trendy Vintage

When Fashion Is The Past

Fall/Winter 18-19

Must Have in dreamlike version.

Dreamlike Vision

A dreamlike vision in which different characters take shape. A refined circus interpretation, where, to walk on the wire, are materials, styles and eras.

Gobelin frock coat – Precious silk jaquard dress with a balloon-draped skirt.

Spiritual Fighter

The traveling fighter who, through hard training and discipline, seeks the path of enlightenment and peace. Conditions represented by the blue color, symbol of calm, tranquility and balance, and the orange color, symbol of inner harmony, of artistic and sexual creativity, of trust in oneself and in others.

Silk Turtleneck knit ribbed, marabu effect eco-fur bolero , wool skirt woven on antique hand looms.


A bit Victor, a bit Victoria … Ironic narration of roles and epochs that interpenetrate, generating a playful and seductive style.
Contrasts of materials and lines come together in a transversal gender that does not meet barriers.

Journey over Time

A Journey from the past to the future and from the future to the past. The unknown awaiting, the certainty that falls apart and fades images of deceptive truths.
Functional and elegant, a style made of noble materials and comfortable lines. It is a showcase of the past that finds a perfect collocation among contemporary trends.

Alchemical Opulence

Aesthetic opulence and interpretive alchemy. A game of sumptuous and showy materials in their ironic timeless elegance. An ordered “cacophony”. The paradox of an intriguing beauty that, sinuously, rejects and attracts.

Dresses: A.N.G.E.L.O Vintage Palace

Stylist: Barbara Fontana Ozawa

Model: Federica Vinzio

Photographer: Giacomo Moresi

Make-up Artist: Cristina Matassoli