Craftmanship & High Tech.
Style and desing that add great value

Eretikos, in ancient Greek, before, and in Latin language, after, philologically, assumes the meaning of who knows to make a choice independently of his/her group membership. It has no negative valence. It’s a neutral  term that indicates a feeling of awareness and stance.
It’s synonym for character and  for freedom from canonized stereotypes .

Iki, in Japanese culture, is the quintessence of seduction.  Aesthetic rigor, art, harmony and floating lightness.  The ineffable charm of elegance, which requires a soul free and available to change.

Eretikos iki  born from the meeting of two extraordinary cultures, superficially different but intimately similar to each other.  The intention is to create a new harmonic language, in tune with the past, that is projected in a future whose contours are less and less defined. The meeting of craftsmanship and advanced technology  that allows an intelligent project design, with cut of waste and time, for collections more and more eco-friendly and with real added value .