Are you looking for solutions to save time, energy, resources and money in sampling your collection, also using innovative technologies?

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Shorten your time to market

Reduce waste and mistakes

Make customized collections

Cut your costs


Would you like to reduce your time of production and excessive waste?

Your competitors are already using innovative production systems.
What about you?

With our 3D technology, you can have significant advantages.

From sustainability to project management 4.0, we offer a personalized service. We can range from a purely creative aspect, – definition of concept, lines, colours and style of your collection – to a more technical point, – definition of materials, virtual prototyping, support in choosing suitable suppliers and producers for your sampling, follow up of physical prototyping – up to the merchandising of your collection.

Time comparison

We work with producers of raw materials and garment manufacturers around the world, favouring Italian and Japanese production.

› We follow your company throughout the entire process of creation and execution of the garment.

› We guarantee the creation of customized collections, in target with your market and fashion trends.

› We supervise and follow-up fitting sessions to facilitate instant corrections and smooth information flow, in real time, along the entire supply chain.

› We integrate innovation and tradition harmoniously with excellent results.

› We have thirty years of high-level experience in the fashion industry.

› We work with young engineers, designers, highly experienced professionals and highly qualified laboratories.

› We use sophisticated digital systems.

› We develop our customers’ business potential.

› Our best skills are trends-forecasting, strategic consulting, design and digitalization for high-fashion collections.

From the outerwear through the knitwear, to the accessory, our business harmoniously blends innovation and tradition, with excellent results.

Our support goes from the analysis of your company’s features to the customized design of collections in line with your market and fashion trends. We can make garments virtual presentations for your buyers, at the early stage of design, before to cut even one sample, with a considerable competitive advantage. Moreover, we can also organize real trunk shows, fashion shows and events for your collections.

› We define the concept and supervise design and development of apparels, accessories, and total look collections.

› We are always in tune with the latest trends in fashion, apparel system, costume and lifestyle.

› We optimize the design and development of samples, making use of the super-technological 3D virtual prototyping system.

› We provide considerable research on excellent materials, suppliers, and production partners.


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Immediate changes / immediate decisions

Share and send changes in seconds.

Shapes changes and colour variations in just a few minutes.

Show true-to-life prototypes or digital samples in a few hours.

Fewer samples
Better quality

Between 40 and 60% reduction in prototyping time.

Significant reduction of sampling cost.


75% – amount of samples we can modify in 3D before cutting the fabric.

We can save hundreds of hectoliters of water by avoiding the production of unusable fabrics and accessories.


1.5 – Average amount of physical samples needed after the adoption of digital prototypes.

Against the 1.5 billion spent by the apparel industry only for traditional prototyping.

Virtual prototyping
maximum benefit

1 File3d prototypes can be used to maximum advantage throughout the entire business cycle.

95% – Similarity between digital prototype and physical prototype.

How we do it

We are aware of the strong pressure on the reduction of prototyping times and costs because we have been in our customers’ position, until a bit ago. That’s why we adopted the use of technologically advanced 3D-CAD design software.

We create virtual collections on custom built avatars based on the normotype of our clients.

We can check with our customer the virtual prototype and make the necessary changes, quickly, before proceeding to physical prototyping.

The margin of error is minimal, and there is thus a considerable saving of time, waste, and money.

With the aid of the integrated 3D CAD system, we can produce patterns, developments and placements.

Thanks to the virtual presentation of the collection, we can do the commercial editing of the it, upstream.


We work with highly experienced professionals in the sector.

Our services:

Research and Development

› Design

› Product

› Traditional design and development

› Digital design and development

› Digital samples

› Traditional and digital presentations and events

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