We optimize results for successful high-content fashion collections.
Style and Fashion Design Consulting for apparel and accessories. Future is now

Thanks to over thirty years of high level experience in fashion system, the collaboration with young engineers, designers, experienced professionals, highly qualified laboratories and the use of sophisticated next-generation IT systems, we are able to provide 360-degree consulting , for different types of companies and market requirements.

We develop the business potential of our customers.
Trends forecasts, strategic and design consulting for high-content fashion collections

From outerwear to knitwear, up to accessories, our business merges harmonically innovation and tradition, ensuring excellent results. Our support goes from the analysis of company business features till the design and realization of collections tailored to the customer and in line with the referred market trends. If required, we can provide the presentation of the collection to the markets, the organization of trunk shows, fashion shows and events, with a strong focus on sale.

Creativity, avant-garde and tradition that we consider as two sides of the same coin, professionalism and respect, management and problem solving, are our specialty.